Let’s start here…parenting is HARD!

We often talk about the type of parents we want to be before we have kids. “I would never let my kid…” and when they get here, suddenly everything is different.

The reality is, we don’t know what it’s truly like to have kids until we do and then there’s no turning back. You don’t get sent home from the hospital with a user manual. Even if you did, there is no way that would cover all of the possibilities you may face in your parenthood journey.

All at once, everyone in your life wants to share their advice, social media is giving you conflicting information, the “momfluencers” make it all look so easy, and you just want a minute to yourself. Not to mention, you feel like you haven’t talked to your partner in days and even when you do, it’s like you are speaking different languages.

You aren’t sure what the right answer is to what seems like the most difficult test you have ever faced.

The good news is, you are exactly what your child needs AND you don’t have to do it alone!

Slowing down and connecting with your partner about the family you want to create can seem nearly impossible. Whether you want to get started on your own or you are hoping to work together as a couple,
I’m here to help you quiet the noise around parenthood and get intentional about the family you are creating. 

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I utilize from many different styles of counseling based on your goals. I most often use values-based and attachment-based therapy. When working with couples, I utilize the Gottman Method. I am always updating my skills so I can support you in the best way possible. 


This 90-minute session provides you a space to share your story as it is today. We take a little more time during the initial meeting to dive deeper into who you are now and who you want to become.


A typical session is 50-minutes long and all about YOU! This is your space to work on your goals, explore emotions, and find your authentic self.