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Giving kids a childhood they don’t have to heal from

I have seen the trend all over social media about parenting a certain way so our kids don’t have to heal from childhood. And I am here to tell you why that is BS!

July 11, 2024


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Finding Calm for Both You and Your Child

We all have the best of intentions for parenting our children, AND this is so HARD! Sometimes our kids know just what buttons to push.

When you find ourself at the end of your rope and about to lose it with your child, here are a few things that can help!

March 13, 2024

Navigating Emotions


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What do Santa and the Elf of the Shelf have to do with Parenting?

I’ve seen mixed reviews on the jolly guy in recent years and I wanted to weigh in.

Talking about these characters looking for naughty and nice kids uses fear to encourage obedience in our children. We know that fear is motivating but does not create meaningful connection.

More effective parenting comes from connection with our children. Talking to them and understanding their needs. Setting boundaries that keep them safe and healthy.

To be clear: I am not saying we need to do away with these traditions entirely. He can be a part of your traditions without instilling fear.

December 4, 2023

Parenting with Santa and the Elf on the Shelf

Holidays, Parenthood

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Protecting Your Time During the Holidays

There are so many things to do during the holiday season and they all seem fun.

You want to go to see the lights, your husband wants to visit with Santa, and your family wants to bake cookies. How will it all fit?

The truth is: it doesn’t have to.

We don’t have to do everything, every year to make the holidays special.

But…how do we decide what we want to do and what we are okay with missing?

Pull out your December calendar and let’s chat.

December 1, 2023

Christmas Traditions


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Setting Boundaries During the Holidays

There are so many expectations on our time and energy during the holiday season. Not to mention the preparation and organization for these events. It’s a lot of pressure and takes the enjoyment out of what was meant to be a time for connection and celebration. If you aren’t sure how to set boundaries, or even what you really want your boundaries to be, reach out! I’m here to help!

November 20, 2023


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Finding the Joy in Motherhood

Let’s start by acknowledging this is SO HARD! Even the Pinterest perfect moms on Instagram who look like they have it all together find themselves questioning their sanity every once in a while. So how do we move from survival mode to finding joy in the journey that is motherhood? A shift in focus can […]

November 8, 2023

Finding the Joy in Motherhood


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Effective Communication

Communication seems like a skill we learned when we were children, right? While we may know how to hold a conversation, we may not be as proficient at communicating effectively. This can cause a lot of conflict in a relationship, reach out if you find yourself being frequently misunderstood. Let’s work on it together!

October 18, 2023


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5 things to Prepare Emotionally for Postpartum

As someone who has struggled with mental health in the past, feeling prepared for the post-partum period was important to me. I have seen so many posts about setting up your space for baby, how to breastfeed, etc. but I don’t see many about preparing for the emotions that come with this lifechanging moment. I wanted to have a plan so that I could reach out for help and those around me would know how to offer help.

October 12, 2023


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